Canela Slatka is a fictional person on Facebook who was created as a
part of the Research Perspectives project. Her prescence questions the
ethics within Social Media. Not only is it hard to know what is real or
fictional online, but the amount of personal information one can acquire
through social media is vast. The use of this information can become
dangerous and sensitive depending on the situation. We created Canela to
find out where the limit goes when it comes to ethical issues. First of
all, is it ethical to invent a persona pretending to be real?

Canela was created, we (my nine classmates and I) used her in order to
add friends, look on people’s profiles, write messages and chat, all
pretending to be Canela. And it didn’t take long until we felt like we
were doing something unethical towards the people we were fooling.

everyone has the choice of adding Canela and it was interesting to see
how many people added her without knowing who she was. The more friends
she got the easier it was for her to get more, especially when people
could see that they had mutual friends.

Canela Slatka is still
alive today, but not very active at the moment. Through her I learned a
lot about ethical issues within social media, the rules and problems
within social media sites and how new sites and services are being
created as a solution to these problems. For example, how one deals with
a persons social media accounts when someone dies. Therefore, I think
that Canela has been a good learning tool. She enabled us to see the
hinders and possiblities within social media that we wouldn’t of been
able to realize without her!