“NBC does not conceive sites as neutral values but recognizes them as
social constructions that envisage and shape relationships of power.
One aspect brought forward will be how we can change the experience of
the urban landscape with alternative movements and taking places with
our bodies. We take our own experience as example and draw parallels to
the dynamics of power manifested by architecture, behaviour and
(from the theme description by Annika and Thérèse)

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a Second Look!

How can you experience a space with new

On November 26th 2009, the [Un]Real Estate group
experienced Sergelstorg in a new way.
They took a psychogeographic
walk, choreographed by maps from other city
squares such as,
Stureplan, Tensta and Brunkebergstorg, and with their own imagination.

Mahmoud Keshavaraz and I, hoped to find new ways of experiencing
‘Plattan’, Sergelstorg, a busy square located in the city center. It
connects to one of the main subway stations and several department
stores, which is why its surroundings can often feel neglected due to
the amount of people traveling and passing by.

We choose 3
different routes to be walked by our group at Plattan. One from
Stureplan, another from Tensta and the last but not the least
Brunkebergstorg. These sites were choosen due to their great difference;
Stureplan being Stockholm’s ‘posh’ area, Tensta a suburb and
Brunkebergstorg the old meeting spot of Stockholm.

These new
routes forced the group to look at the space of Plattan in a new way.
Some choose to walk in pairs others by themeselves, but everyone
experienced their route in their own way.
Hopefully, giving people
new insights and thoughts about the space or possibly the discovery of
new artifacts, views, entrances, steps, passages and other things.

did not only give our group a new experience, but it also made us
realize that the routes need to be enhanced and focused in order to
acheive a more enriched experience and outcome.